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Drilling Mud

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From the supply of specialised PVC and Rubber suction and delivery hoses, Bore Casings and UPVC Pipes to Drilling Fluids, Grouts and Sealants and Polymers and Additives, along with various types of industry related valves and fittings, Powell Industrial has gone to great depths to ensure a complete range of the very best in industrial drilling products can be readily sourced all from the one place.

Proud stockist of a large range of high quality and state of the art Goodyear, Manuli, Optima, Parker and Kanaflex Drilling industry specific hoses, which have proven themselves in Australian and overseas drilling operations for many years. We believe you wont find a more extensive and innovative range of hose options from the one supplier. We also run our very own Hose Management Program (HMP) to assist with the upkeep and monitoring of all hoses that are in use powered by INFOCHIP® and we are also members of ADIA.

We also carry a large range of Drilling Mud industry related valves and fittings, including Camlocks, Bauer and Claw Couplings, Expansion Joints and Butterfly, Ball, Gate, Spring and Swing Check valves. And we have many different types of rubber sheet and matting solutions available, nation wide, should you have a need or requirement. We truly are a ‘one stop shop’ for many of the Drilling Industry operational consumables.

If you need help with quality Drilling Mud products call your local Powell Industrial branch today.

HOSES – Drilling, secondary and tertiary rubber & PVC delivery and suction

Whether it be for gas and oil exploration or one of the many different mining operations carried out on land and at sea we can assist you with the ideal Rubber and PVC drilling hose for your application. Also available are a range of quality secondary and tertiary support hoses for either simple or complex fluid and material transfers related to drilling operations.

Here's a selection of drill hoses, in one of the many sizes they are readily available in, that can be utilised in a mine site or drilling operation.

HOSES – Drilling fluids, grouts and sealants, polmers and additives

We stock a wide assortment of high quality Bentonite drilling fluids, grouts, sealants, polymers and additives to help maximise drilling efficiency and meet needs in the field. Our range of CETCO professional products are specially designed to enhance the cost-effectiveness of drilling operations by controlling and improving drilling fluid properties. Committed to bringing you innovative solutions that go beyond merely meeting needs, we’ve dedicated time to finding and providing the newest solutions in drilling fluid technology by stocking CETCO products.

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FITTINGS – Valves, camlocks & couplings

Keeping a hose attached to its fitting is extremely important, not only for safety reasons but because when you’re in charge of supplying a drilling site with fittings, you want to ensure they are the best available or close too and offer cost-efficiencies. The last thing you want to see or hear about are failures in these products, which inevitably adds to costs and losses associated through down time. This is why we stock a selection of very reliable, easy to use and sound accessories to assist you with your drilling, many which are readily available and can be supplied quickly.