Hose Management Program

Powell Industrial Hose Management Program powered by TESSALINK can include a range of the following features:

  • Review of your current hose assembly use and needs
  • Review that the hoses are fit for application
  • Agree on maintenance program to suit your business
  • All hoses whether existing under a maintenance program or new, are tested to Australian Standards following NAHAD guidelines, which can be on-site at your premises with our mobile test facility or off-site at our own maintenance facility

The following is included in our test and record stage:

  • Test number and Visual Tag
  • Allocation of TESSALINK RFID Chip
  • Date of inspection and/or testing
  • Retest date tracking if required
  • Name of person performing the test
  • Description of hose and its condition
  • Test Pressure
  • Working Pressure
  • Result of test and/or inspection



Powell TESSALINK Brochure


InfoChip Announces New Name


Powell Industrial Hose Management Program

Introducing 'Hose Management Program' from Powell Industrial. Powered by info chip, this program helps you manage all your hose and asset tracking requirements.




If you would like to register an account online, please contact our Accounts Team via phone (07) 3722 3700 or email accounts@powellindustrial.com.au