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Hose Management Program (HMP)

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In 2004, Powell Industrial was the first industrial hose and fittings company in Australia to utilise RFID technology for tracking industrial hoses. Our Hose Management Program utilises a small RFID microchip and web accessed software to certify, maintain and track all of your hose assemblies.


HMP tracks individual hoses and ensures they are inspected and maintained by attaching an RFID chip at during the point of assembly. The RFID chip allows hose data to be viewed, recorded or changed when the chip is interacted with (assembly, repair, test, shipment, inspection and return).

Hose details, certification information and maintenance alerts are available in real-time by scanning the chip with the handheld unit or referencing the online database. The handheld unit also includes inventory, inspection and work order programs.

Powell Industrial offers all HMP customers a login link from the Powell Industrial website, direct to any reports or changes generated through the Hose Management Program.

https://www.powellindustrial.com.au/libraries/images/About Us Section/HMP Logo (portrait) rgb cvs.png    Click the HMP logo to be taken to the HMP Infochip login page.

HMP ‘Chips’
Individual RFID chips are used to identify and store asset information detail. The unique design enables the chips to function in metal environments and have been durability tested by our customers with a variety of stress tests (-40° to 360°C, 12,000’ below sea level). Powell Industrial also offers Quick-Fit technology enabling rapid installation of chips in metal with the smallest hole and highest performance.

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1. View item information including inspection / test status, next inspection, test date and attribute details including: test load, cost, make, model.
2. Edit location
3. Scrap out of service items
4. Synchronise edits to IC Online to update inventory register
5. Inspection schedules include updated inventory location


Interested in implementing a Hose Management Program or like to learn more?
Call your local Powell Industrial branch and ask for an introduction to HMP.

If you wish to learn more about INFOCHIP you can visit the INFOCHIP website www.infochip.com

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