Hose Assembly Services

Hose Assemblies

Our speciality is the supply of fitted hose assemblies that can be tagged, tested and implanted with an RFID Microchip to track the hose through its life cycle. All of our hose assemblies are built to the relevant NAHAD or Australian Standard, to ensure total compliance to every state legislation.


Visual Inspections
The visual inspection allows us to pick up any mechanical damage, corrosive damage or wear and tear that may have occurred during installation, use or even during storage. Each hose assembly is inspected for kinks, loose covers, bulges or ballooning, soft spots, cuts, broken wires or any obvious defect in the hose. The fittings and attachments are inspected for any type of visual defect that may affect the performance of the assembly also.

Pressure and Suction Testing
Hose testing is a procedure conducted at Powell Industrial to ensure that any hose we build for either pressure or suction purposes will perform efficiently and reliably in its intended application. Whilst we provide pressure and suction hoses to a variety of customers, our most predominant recipients of tested hose assemblies include Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) of specialised vehicles. If required, any hose assembly built at Powell Industrial can be subjected to either pressure or suction testing. All testing is carried out in strict accordance with Australian Standard AS1180 7J & NAHAD Standards.

What If I Need A Hose Assembly, Not Just A Hose?

Considering having a custom Hose Assembly manufactured? We can assist.
Simply download our STAMPED Hose Assembly Form, fill in the details and once complete email to your local Powell Industrial branch where we'll provide you with an estimate.



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