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At Powell Industrial, our aim is to support you with product information that can assist you in making the right product selections.

To do this, we have our product catalogue available for download. We also have specific industry product guides, supplier guides and technical information that can assist with understanding hose parts, making conversions, identifying threads and understanding chemical ratings. It's a wonderful resource all at the click of a button.

Product Catalogue

Powell Industrial Catalogue

> View the entire Powell Industrial 2014 (Version 2) Catalogue.
> Search our product range by item code, description or brand via Adobe Acrobat.
> Download relevant sections for printing or soft copy filing.

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Powell Industry Guide - Wine Production

Powell Industrial Industry Guides (PIIGs)

> Specific Industry Product Guides highlighting key industry related products & services.
> Provide specialist advice.
> Discover a range of multiple alternatives and solutions for your requirement.

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Product Range

Suppliers Guides and Product Sheets

> Supplier Product Data Sheets.
> Supplier Information.
> View product range information and specifications.
> Enhance product knowledge.

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Technical Guide cover

Technical guides and information

> Technical Product Information.
> Conversion Charts and calculation formulas.
> Chemical Compatibility Tables and Charts.

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