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We’re your Pneumatic Tube & Fittings specialist

If your currently using or supplying pneumatic air (or gas) powered products, then you’d be well aware of the safe and reliable outcomes than can be achieved by using them.

Across many industries, pneumatic power is a very common choice for automated movement. And you’ll no doubt understand the components used in this field need to be of sound quality to keep delivering time and time again. That’s why at Powell Industrial we stock and sell pneumatic products manufactured by Performer, Jamec Pem and Nitto. Their quality and innovation in design sets them apart from the rest. Whether it be a Pneumatic Quick Coupling or Pneumatic Quick Coupling adaptor, Pneumatic Nylon, Polyethylene or Polyurethane Airline tube, a Suzi Coil, Nickel Plated Push-in fitting, Stainless Steel Push-in fitting or Plastic Push-in fitting, Pressure Gauge, or Tyre Inflator you’ll find only the best in pneumatic products here at Powell Industrial.