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When the time comes to secure a fitting to a hose or keep a hose in place, clamps play a vital and critical roll – and so does how they are applied. At Powell Industrial we understand the importance of the roll they play and support supplying quality and trusted clamps and clamping systems from Norma, Oetiker, BAND-IT, Performer and Optima to assist in making the perfect and safest connection.

We also understand there are numerous clamping and banding options, as well as clamping systems to choose from. The large number of choices relating to styles, strength and materials can not only be confusing but also overwhelming. The last thing you need is to be left holding clamps you can’t use or sell or are incorrectly matched to the fitting they are required for. This is where we are the experts. Our trained staff are well versed in knowing the limitations and abilities of the ranges of clamps we sell. Talk to us today about our extensive range of GBS clamps, T-Bolt clamps and Super clamps, various Norma Wormdrive clamps, Spiral clamps, Safety Bolt clamps, Fuel Line clamps, Ear clamps, O-clips, P-clips, BAND-IT Preformed clamps, Banding Clamp systems and Cable Ties.

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