Camlocks & Couplings


We’re your Camlocks, Couplings and Hose tail specialist

When the time comes to make a safe and secure connection, our extensive range of camlocks, couplings and hose tails make us your ideal supply partner. Many of these products are readily available across our network of branches Australia wide, therefore you can always rely on us to have the product you need now.

At Powell Industrial we stock the full complement of both standard and Heavy-Duty Aluminium Camlocks, Brass Camlocks, Stainless Steel Camlocks, Polypropylene Camlocks and Nyglass Camlocks. These couplings can be used for the transfer of aqueous liquids, dry bulk materials, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, vapours and food products. Available in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 8 inches and in all the standard types (eg A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DCL, DP, AA, BC) as well as the more irregular (eg LA, LC, C/A) types, we have hundreds to choose from. We also stock speciality styles camlocks and couplers, including the renowned Goodyear Instalocks, WAM Composite/Scroll Tail (Crimp Tail) Camlocks and American Petroleum Institute (API) Camlocks as well as dry disconnect couplers (Kamvalocs).  And should any of these products require servicing or part updating and replacement, we have a large range of spare parts including Buna, EPDM, Viton and Teflon Camlock Gaskets, Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated Camlock pull rings, Brass and Stainless Steel Camlock handles, arms and pins and Camlock Safety Bumps at the ready.

Further more all Powell Industrial Camlocks are produced to the NATO Standard, unless specified, and are interchangeable with each other.*

From Bauer Couplings to Muff Couplings, through to Travis Pattern Couplings, Storz Couplings, Vitaulic Couplings and Claw Couplings and all the national variances in state Fire Hose Couplings (NSW Fire Brigade, CFA, MFB, QRT), at Powell Industrial we stock and have access to many of these well known and trusted industrial fitting and couplings. We are also backed by a team who understands how they vary and how such Couplings can be best utilised and in which industry.

To learn more about our Camlocks please refer to page 8 of our technical specification page in our camlocks catalogue section that outlines working pressures and manufacturing processes for the materials used in their construction.


*Australian Standard and API (American Petroleum Institute) Camlocks do not interchange with NATO Standard Camlocks, only with themselves. Polypropylene Camlocks, while being produced to the NATO Standard, may not interchange with other manufacturers Polypropylene Camlocks.